What role works best for you?

Positions with an asterisk are available for the upcoming year. All positions are open to currently enrolled TU students.

The Co-Organizers are the backbone of this event, more or less the presidents of this organization. Organizers manage the other positions, provide direction, and ensure that tasks are completed and deadlines are met. Ideally, organizers will be sophomores or juniors so they can help keep the event going for the next year. To be an organizer, you must have previously served on the TEDxUTulsa team.

The SA Liaison* serves as a TEDxUTulsa representative to the university's Student Association. This person is in charge of knowing SA policies, coordinating internal funding, and working with student government to help make each event successful.

The Treasurer manages the budget, reimbursements, donations, etc. working closely with the SA Liason, Promotional Items Manager, and University representatives.

The Social Media & Advertising Coordinator* is responsible for maintaining social media feeds on a regular basis throughout the year, especially immediately before, during, and after the event. The feed ranges from sharing interesting topics to keeping the public informed of pertinent TEDxUTulsa information. This includes the team Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The Graphic Designer establishes the visual branding of the event by creating advertisements, graphics for social media and website, event programs, and more. They must have experience in graphic design, access to necessary programs and a portfolio.

The Volunteer Coordinator establishes effective communication between the TEDxUTulsa team and individual volunteers leading up to the event. On the day of, the volunteer coordinator is responsible for managing the lobby from set up to tear down. They must be available on the day of the event.

The Stage Manager* must be present at rehearsals and practices. They will work directly with LPC staff to manage the onstage technology, play videos, hand off clicker to speakers, etc. backstage during the event. 

Our Blogger will post bi-weekly or monthly about various aspects of the TEDx event or participants. The blogger may also coordinate with other relevant writers to create engaging content and facilitate the spread of ideas.

The Speaker Correspondent acts as an information channel with potential and current speakers to facilitate the scheduling of meetings and curation of talks as well as answer any questions speakers may have.

Our Designated Fablab Member* is responsible for cutting name badges, TEDx letters, and other items as necessary for distribution. Individuals with experience in fabrication are preferred, but training is available for any applicants who wish to learn more.

The Lobby Coordinator is responsible for creating programming for breaks during the event and deciding the layout of the lobby. They will work with a committee of other team members to get this done. This can include reaching out to student or external organizations to provide a welcoming, engaging atmosphere for attendees.

The Promotional Items Manager* will coordinate with the graphic designer and treasurer to establish cohesive branding for the event and facilitate purchasing and distribution of TEDxUTulsa promotional items (gift bags, t-shirts, etc.) for our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers.

The Selection Committee evaluates and selects the speakers and performers for the upcoming event. This includes attending interviews of nominated speakers and the final speaker selection meeting. Members of the TEDxUTulsa team are assumed to be on the Selection Committee as a default.

The Curation Team helps speakers cultivate their ideas into a cohesive TEDx talk. Ideally the curation team will be made up of professionals, honed public speakers, or people trained in stage presence. People with other relevant experience are also encouraged to apply.

The following positions are needed the day of the event. Due to the laborious nature of post photo/video editing. TEDxUTulsa is able to provide compensation through the University for TU students who fulfill these jobs.

Photographers are needed to take head shots of speakers prior to the event, photos of speaker performances, and candid shots the day of the event. They must have professional-level equipment and a portfolio.

Videographers shoot footage of each speaker's talk to submit to TED. Knowledge of the equipment and staging is required, and the ability to provide your own equipment is preferred. We hire at least two videographers each year. Videographers are also welcome to serve as video editors as well.

Video Editors will edit each talk and add necessary graphics to ensure the videos are at TED's level of quality. They also may design a short intro for all TEDxUTulsa videos for that particular event.

If you aren't sure what position you are interested in but want to join the team, please apply anyway! A lot goes into planning a TEDx event and we are certain we can use your help!

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