What is TEDxUniversityofTulsa?

TEDxUniversityofTulsa is an independent TED-like conference being brought to you by two students who have a passion and love for TED. Hannah and Katie met through the NOVA Fellowship and realized that both had the same idea to bring TED to campus. 

Both Katie and Hannah knew that there was so many wonderful ideas on TU's campus just waiting for the right platform to share them. When looking for a theme that would encompass as many ideas as possible and to give credit to the campus organization, the NOVA Fellowship, that encouraged them they thought about Innovation. Innovation by itself did not quite allow the breadth of ideas they hoped to share and this is where they brought in imagination. Together the convergence of Innovation and Imagination was created in Innomagine. With this theme Katie and Hannah hope that the speakers not only show their innovations and imagination but inspire the audience to Innomagine the possibilities.