2017 Speaker and Performer Lineup

We are pleased to announce our 2017 speaker and performer lineup!

Katie Hoffman will be talking about how to create healthy, fulfilling relationships in a modern society.

Zachary Fullingim has a vision of how youth leaders can inspire community in low-income areas he wishes to share with our audience.

Thomas Littlejohn's talk takes a look at the video game industry, and how it has evolved into the multidisciplinary field it is today.

Deborah Bradshaw will be presenting an inspiring talk about raising a child with disabilities.

Ellen Emeric wants to give everyone the opportunity to look at the world around them through the eyes of a city planner.

Denise Dutton will be discussing what it means to be a democratic individual in today's society.

Grayson Lynch is on a mission to create a well-informed society by dispelling myths about firearms.

Monika Perez's talk explores the modern emphasis on diversity in medicine both as a patient an aspiring physician.

Lauren Miller has been exploring how different communities react when faced with police/citizen violence, and wants to share how communities can create constructive rather than destructive reactions.

Luke Crouch wants to teach our audience how modern online trackers work - and what you, as an internet user, can do about them.

Dallas Elleman will inspire our audience to ask the question “Why am I here?” And then use the answer as a compass for finding meaning and living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Luis Eduardo Garcia will be performing native African dances to inspire people to dance everywhere.

Autumn Slaughter will be presenting spoken word poetry exploring her own depression and her years of research into psychology.

And finally, Asura Oulds will be back on the TEDxUniversityofTulsa stage this year for another fantastic vocal performance.

We're incredibly excited about our lineup of speakers and performers this year, and we can't wait to share all of their ideas with you!