Speaker Spotlight: Denise Dutton

Denise Dutton, Assistant Provost and Applied Assistant Professor of Political Science

"Denise Dutton excavates the moral aspiration at the heart of our experiment in self-government, and she dares us to live lives of our own making."

Dr. Denise Dutton serves as an Assistant Provost at The University of Tulsa. She directs the Honors Program, teaching a range of seminars from the Ancient Greeks to the Enlightenment and guiding students as they join the centuries-old conversation about what makes for the well-lived life. She is also the founding director of the Henneke Center for Academic Fulfillment, a campus resource to support TU professors as they experiment with ways to engage and support students in the learning process and ways to share their scholarship with the general public.

Dr. Dutton earned her Ph.D. in Politics at Princeton University. She served as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Missouri State University for several years, before returning to her alma mater. She and her husband stay busy chasing after twin toddlers and the family Boxer.

Denise's Talk: In Pursuit of Happiness