Speaker Spotlight: Tori Burris

Tori Burris Photographer, Advocate, Student

What we see on screen sticks with us.


Tori Burris signed up for a middle school broadcast journalism course by accident and never looked back. After being awarded a Student Pillar of Excellence from the Mid-American Emmy Committee for her work, she spent two of her college summers on staff capturing photos of the human experience at a local summer camp for kids with disabilities, Camp Barnabas. Two study abroad trips later; Tori saw an international struggle when it comes to shaping perceptions of disability. Now, as a senior Marketing major with minors in Disability Studies and Economics at The University of Tulsa, she's interested in figuring out how we shift the narrative to better serve everyone. Tori shares a hometown with Brad Pitt, has two cats and is allergic to both of them, has texture issues, and has visited as many countries as she is years old.

Tori’s Talk: Show Me Normal