Speaker Spotlight: Written Quincey

Written Quincey Artist, Teacher, Activist

“Poetry is fatherhood, social justice, activism, love making, brainstorming, teaching, learning, reading, questioning theory, questioning lyricism, using lyricism to challenge the monotony of tradition.”

websites: https://twitter.com/writtenquincey

Originally from College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio, Written Quincey has called Tulsa, Ok home for the past twelve years. A visionary with a creative lens through artistic expression, this gentleman capitalizes on favor and skill to enhance one of the world's most ancient forms of literature. Q, known to many, studied at the University of Cincinnati, apprenticed in AmeriCorp has traveled the nation since 1997 and performed in over 50 venues. Since 2014, he has held position as the Artist in Residence at Tulsa Central High School for Fine and Performing Arts; Poetry Committee member at Living Arts; Slam Poetry Coach with Louder Than A Bomb and founder of Cypher120: Experience which is responsible for the urban musical, visual, literary artistic renaissance in Tulsa since 2013.

Written’s Talk: “Time; Measurement for and of the Artist, whatever theory we suggest"