Speaker Spotlight: Deborah Bradshaw

Deborah Bradshaw, Advocate, Educator, Author

"Have no fear, you are worth it!"

Deborah Bradshaw is a professional speaker, author and educator. Her formal training is in Education, Psychology, Business Management and Marketing, Body Language and Acting Techniques. Deborah has developed and facilitated classes coaching professionals in the use of acting techniques and body language in order to help them feel more comfortable speaking in public and to assist them in developing more effective communication.

Deborah lived in Southeast Asia as a child and young adult. Her experiences there have given her insight into cross-cultural communication. She uses these experiences and positive body language techniques to teach people how to understand the cues they are receiving. Through these methods, participants also learn to practice the science of body language to influence their own brain chemistry in order to create a more positive attitude and accomplish personal goals.

Deborah has presented to local and national audiences on topics ranging from Improving Education, Disability Related Issues, Better Communication as well as other motivational topics. She may be reached by email at deborahlovebradshaw@gmail.com.

Deborah's Talk: The Eradication of Down Syndrome