Speaker Spotlight: Ellen Emeric

Ellen Emeric, TU Student

"I am excited to speak at TEDx because I want to give everyone the opportunity to see through the eyes of a City Planner for just a few moments -- the spaces where we live can be seen as blank canvases for both practicality and creativity."

LinkedIn: Ellen Emeric

Ellen Emeric is a senior at The University of Tulsa studying Sociology and Economics, and her interests in demography and the built environment have led her to pursue a career as a city planner. She currently works at Tulsa City Hall in the Planning and Development Department, and has conducted research for the city as well at Texas A&M University, where she was accepted as a summer research fellow in the departments of Urban Planning and Sociology.

On campus, Ellen passionately serves the Newman Center as a Peer Minister and Graphic Designer.

Ellen's Talk: Is Public Transportation the Answer?