Speaker Spotlight: Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller, Social Advocate

"Communities are not content to sit quietly after violent police and citizen interactions. Therefore it is critically important we recognize the real reasons why Charlotte fell apart while under the same circumstances, Tulsa took heart and only then can we make a difference in times of tension between law enforcement and communities."

Lauren is a social advocate dedicated to seeing peaceful and effective communication throughout the community. She has spent hundreds of hours researching how community and police interactions can be improved and is the author of Project: Cohesion, a proposal on how to improve community relationships with law enforcement. She is also the coordinator of The 12th, an event in which Oral Roberts University students visited the Tulsa Sheriff Department and gave a presentation encouraging better communication between law enforcement and the community.

Lauren is passionate about encouraging and equipping the younger generation to make a difference in their communities and world.

Lauren's Talk: The Public vs. Police: How Both Can Win