2019 Speaker & Performer Lineup


Jonathan Neff

The science behind his gluten free brewery, and why building spaces for everyone is so important

Maureen Haynes

Discussing her research on teacher experiences and narratives surrounding public education in Oklahoma

Tori Meehan

Markers of eating disorders that are increasingly normalized within our society and some quick solutions

Lydia Cheshewalla

Why inclusivity in historical narrative matters

Mike Troilo

The positives as well as the downsides of blockchain technology and sustainable development

Karen Fuhrmeister

Why people should care about assessments, on the hiring side as well as the prospective employee side

Jennifer Clark

Integrating our experiences of suffering and wellbeing creates a foundation to redefine health, we must build systems and communities toward this end

Abigail Williams

The Rhythm of Ireland: An Irish Dance Performance


Nathan Hutchins, Alison Kerr, Sarah Otto

People connecting their diverse academic backgrounds to research user acceptance of autonomous vehicles

Rigel Bacani

Implementing harm reduction to improve health care outcomes and communities

Eric Cullen

Prison reform and the incarceration rate of women in Oklahoma, and his project to help nonviolent offenders get out on parole

Caroline Bennett

Intentionally utilizes the vehicles of spoken word, song, research and story-telling to challenge education stakeholders’ “un”conscious investment in Eurocentric pedagogy and culturally incompetent restorative practices and its’ contribution to Black students’ traumatic experiences in K-12 public and charter school classrooms.

Mike Haskins

The importance of utilizing debate in vulnerable schools to teach critical thinking

Brandy B. Marion

How to make the most money, and pay the least amount of taxes...legally

Kirk Wester

Bridging the Disparity Gap: Tying the success of the privileged to those who are not

Weston Horn & The Hush

How to pursue your passion in an oversaturated market

2018 Speaker & Performer Lineup

We are so incredibly proud to announce our speakers and performers for our 2018 TEDx Event:

Autumn Slaughter uses slam poetry to communicate the depths of human emotion.

Blake Ewing encourages us to look within our communities to revitalize neighborhoods.

Catherine Aaronson brings to light the disparity of care of elders within modern American society and what we can do to change it.

Danielle Carlotti-Smith uses language and literature as vehicles to explore multiple perspectives.

DC Hegdale wants to return childbirth to its previous status as a common and easily discussed women's topic in the US.

Dean Cantu recontextualizes our perceptions of Death using its depiction throughout history and within present culture as evidence of a collective desire to better understand our fate.

Jake Pfarr is passionate about positively impacting the future generations through the performing arts and believes for some students, the arts are the gateway to remarkable personal growth.

Kari Mirabal serves as a network coach, seeking to help people navigate personal and professional relationships.

Kathy Campbell challenges our preconceptions about obesity, arguing it is a symptom of a much larger societal disease.

Katie Plohocky brings to light the astonishing food waste in the United States from the farms to the grocery stores and proposes a solution.

Lindiwe Jangira add perspective to the way our society views refugees and challenges our cultural and individual understandings of what it means to be a refugee.

Nehemiah Frank encourages us to discover and defining our own version of excellence.

Scott Taylor is an author and artist with a passion for emotional health, focusing primarily on helping people gain freedom from their past and access their true emotional wellbeing through the power of story.

Tracy A. Suter shows us how the language we use effects our perception and ability to succeed.

Tori Burris sees an international struggle when it comes to discussing disability, and believes the key lies in reevaluating how society treats and interacts with those with disabilites.

Written Quincey capitalizes on favor and skill to enhance one of the world's most ancient forms of literature: poetry.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more information about our wonderful speakers!

*This was edited for spelling and clarity.