Speaker Spotlight: Thomas Littlejohn

Thomas Littlejohn, Game Creation Advocate

"The purpose of giving my talk is to introduce individuals outside the field of Computer Science to the roles they can play in the development of new and original video games, bringing in outside perspectives and concepts to fuel creativity."

Github: tommygun101

LinkedIn: Thomas Littlejohn

Thomas Littlejohn is currently a senior triple major at TU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Computer Simulation & Gaming. Having a background with the technical side of what it takes to build a game, his focus is on what pushes games to the next level, whether it is groundbreaking AI, unique gameplay experiences, or some other unheard of element which sets a specific game apart. He has spent time abroad in Japan studying games which have captured foreign markets and the reasons for their success.

Thomas's Talk: Game Design: Where Uniqueness Drives Progress